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    Excellence is our Motto

    We achieve excellence in our internal and external examinations and our students stand out among their peers.

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    Learning is our culture.

    We nurture students for a life long love for learning through diverse learning approaches and environments.

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    Knowledge is our Drive

    Our pupils and students are are groomed to pursue knowledge which is the foundation for excellence.

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    We have our arms Wide Open.

    We transform all kinds of students from diverse backgrounds and remould them for a brighter future.

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    We lay the right Foundation.

    Our kids enjoy the fun aspect of learning while building self confidence for higher learning.

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We give your kids a passion for learning


At JC BEST SCHOOLS INTERNATIONAL, ABUJA our belief is that all pupils/students can learn at high levels, attain international standard and become the best in-spite of all odds. We believe the best thing we can do for our children is nurture in them a lifelong love of learning. JC Best Schools guides the development of responsible citizens and provides every pupil/student with opportunities to master essential skills and develop personal potentials.

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  • Creche

    Our full-day care option is a great solution.We set the standard in quality care and sensitivity to children's needs.

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    Nursery School

    In our nursery school we implore all tools to make learning fun and play while nurturing children's growth in confidence and security thereby boosting self esteem and laying a solid foundation for higher learning.

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    Primary School

    In our primary school,  we make the tuition a joyful and exciting experience and ensure a level of quality delivery which can be matched by no other.

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    In our college, learning occurs in many different ways as the students learn different things. The diversity and the richneess of the learning process makes excellence the norm.

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    Meet our Best 2016/2017 (Miss Udebuani Ebube)

    In JC-Best Schools, hard work produces excellence. She was mentored from infancy here and has proven to be an embodiment of hard work and success. She has represented the school in various competitions coming back with track records and achievements.  Among the success and glory brought to school and family include - Top 4 in Cowbell Matematics Competition, 1st in Daily Trust competition, 298 in Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) Examination and 9 Distinctions in 2016/2017 West African Examinations Council (WAEC) Examinations.

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    Talk to us

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